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What good composition doesn't start with a piano!  
Pianissimo is the composers original work, intended to form the framewok for the SOTWL.  So often requested by friends & family, & so complete it was in it's own right, Ardillier decided to include Pianissimo as the final chapter of her beautiful SOTWL works.
It's easy here to recognise the composers influences of NYMAN, GLASS etc as they are consistent through all albums, but with Pianissimo, especially in songs such as Friend, YIRUMA imfluences become much more obvious.  You may also hear a strange lilt more like the WRIGLEY SISTERS as Ardillier explores her own style of "gypsy" piano which defines her more improvisational style.  This can be heard in the 2 bonus tracks of this album, Lament & As Good As It Gets.
Pianissimo depicts the artists favourite native flora, the delicate Australian Flannel Flower on the cover.
Featuring 8 of the 10 core pieces, plus 2 bonus tracks, Pianissimo is a gentle finale to the outstanding quartet of SOTWL albums.