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Showcasing the liquid vocals of Jaimie-Leigh Johnson & Billie-Jo Dukes, + guest performances from Ms Heather Aston, Electronique is a "succulent soundscape of pure gold!". 
From BOWIE (EarthChild) & ADELE type Bond themes (SomeOne Else's Child), plus complete MUSE influenced madness (Father of Death), to KATY NOONAN styled pared back ballads (Moment of Acceptance) & JOHN LEGEND inspired chilled dance tracks (Lay Me Down). There's something for everyone on this outstanding "mastery of production".
Ardillier pays respect to Australia's Indigenous creating her digitised "keening", to symbolise union of her anglo history with our country's true custodians, in the spirit of reconciliation. This can be heard on the end of Judgement Day & Friend, & is reflected in the string treatment of Grief. An underlying heartbeat & breath is often heard throughout Electronique, to ground the listener to the pulse of the Earth Mother to further facilitate healing.
Featuring the 10 core pieces that make up all SOTWL albums, plus 4 bonus tracks, you won't be disappointed with this diverse commercial production sound with a "twist de la différence!".