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For instrumental lovers, "Cinematique could be the soundtrack for any great Australian film". 
Ardillier has managed to not only capture the SOTWL beautifully in this "MORRICONE / NEWTON HOWARD reminiscent album", but has blended her own unique Aussie sound in a way that takes you on an auditory journey through the rugged country she calls home.
Stunning "YO YO MA inspired cello solos" &  "just reminiscent enough of Schindler's List" (Opening & Closing Credits), best describes this album.  Supported by the "hearty meat of NYMAN v BACH type harmonies throughout" Ardillier leaves her audience begging for more with those haunting Lay Me Down horns & her hallmark acoustic guitar flight on title track Songs Of Those Who Listen.
Although Symphonic in character, Ardillier has worked to achieve a more intimate, raw Chamber sound in her writing. This is an important factor in understanding the artists  interpretation of her great Australian backyard & rich country ancestory.
Cinematique includes the 10 SOTWL core pieces, plus 2 beautiful bonus tracks as opening & closing credits to this SOTWL soundscape.