All the music you hear on this website (with the exception of the vocals), has been personally hand programmed on purpose built computers, by Ardillier .  In a painstakingly detailed approach, each note is meticulously entered & edited to create a sound that not only is authentic to the instrument, but follows the standard rules of music theory, in order to breathe life into an otherwise organically limited digital sound.   In this way, Ardillier has full musical & creative control in a manner that reaches far beyond just pushing buttons, programming loops or writing music on a page. Each piece you hear on this website can take up to 120 hours of programming. The 4 albums of Songs Of Those Who Listen, plus the build of the Ardillier Music Studio in her home here in Narara, has taken 9 long years.  

In addition to her music though, Ardillier is a true creative artist.  Passionate about artists maintaining complete creative control of their work from beginning to end, Ardillier has designed & created all the costumes you see in her videos, plus done makeup & hair.  The artwork on the CD covers, websites etc plus all the editing of film & photography is also Ardillier's very own.  She can't take full credit though, as her husband & soulmate... +1... did all the film recording, assisted with sound recording of vocals & also makes a mean tule underlay skirt! And did we mention he hand built all the fit out of the Ardillier Music Studio!

Ardillier is also unique in that not only has she come from both an informal & a formal music background, being both a self taught ear player & a qualified Piano Teacher for over 20 years, but she has also had an extensive history in the holistic health & wellness field as a registered & qualified practitioner of the healing arts since 1994.  In this capacity Ardillier has special interest in the areas of creative learning & neurological programming through the 6 senses (Ardillier considers intuition to be the 6th) for positive mental health.